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Medical Software Made Csymple! 



Csymplicity Software


As medical providers, we are forced to use less than optimal software for our workflow. Each provider has horror stories of workflow inefficiencies resulting from use of suboptimal software.  We aim to bridge the gap of medicine and software. 


A team of dedicated clinicians trained in diverse, yet complementary disciplines, who have been involved in direct patient care for over 60 years combined, founded Csymplicity Software Solutions.  Our direct patient-contact and use of, often cumbersome, medical software lead us to create Csymplicity Software Solutions with the goal of making Medical Software intuitive from a physician’s prospective.


Triage Software Bundles do not need to be cumbersome and arduous to use.  The problem is medical software is designed by developers who have little knowledge of medicine or medical work flow. 

Cysmplicity Software aims to bridge the gap of technology and medical workflow. We produce software that is intuitive for the medical professional, saving time, valuable resources and hours of frustration.


All of our software bundles are fully HIPAA compliant.  We use the latest encryption technology to ensure end-to-end security.   Whether you need a simple app or a fully-integrated software solution, Csymplicity will develop intuitive software to suit your needs.

Contact us today for a consultation. 

Medical Software Made Csymple!


  • Patient triage between referral and tertiary facilities still relies on inefficient and outdated telephone and pager technology

  • Referring facility providers often lack the expertise necessary to accurately describe rare conditions to the specialists at tertiary centers 

  • Tertiary hospitals lack the necessary data to quickly make a global assessment of patient status 

  • Description of the patient’s condition is often wrong 

  • Inappropriate transfers are expensive to the network 

  • Marketing dollars are shrinking 

  • Need to increase patient referral base  

  • Lack of rigorous data collection and analysis of patient transfer characteristics of referring hospitals, physicians and accepting physicians



  • Fully HIPAA Compliant Apps

  • Eliminates the need to soly rely on verbal description 

  • Allows the accepting physicians to easily view high-resolution clinical images to make better decisions regarding patient care and triage

  • Enables the physician to assess patients within seconds from any location 

  • Minimizes disruptions to physicians by providing all relevant data quickly and efficiently 

  • Decreases/eliminates over and under triage  

  • Saves the Tertiary Center and Referring Hospitals money

  • Saves patients/families unnecessary travel expense by limiting transfer to only those that are vital

  • Allows for providing better patient care and improved outcomes

  • Automatically tracks statistics regarding patient transfers

  • Maximizes the efficiency of marketing dollars

  • Strengthens relationships with referring facilities by using leading technology to remove common points of inefficiency from the transfer process





To schedule a product demo with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details

Thank you for your request. A Csympicity team member will contact you shortly!

  • Are the Apps HIPAA Compliant?
    A- Yes, all our apps are fully HIPAA Compliant.
  • What kind of connectivity do I need to use the apps?
    You need either a 3G/4G service or Wifi service.
  • How do I get an account established?
    To use the App, you will need your institution to register with Csymplicity Software Solutions. Please use the following link to send us a request: Contact
  • With which devices can I use these Apps?
    The Apps are designed to function best with Android and iOS devices.
  • Which version of Android OS do I need?
    You need, at a minimum, Android 4.2.2 or later.
  • Which version of iOS do I need?
    You need, at a minimum, iOS 6 or later.
  • Can I use these Apps with my iPad?
    No. The Apps are designed for smartphones. If your organization would prefer an App to function with iPads, we can design one for you. Please contact us: Contact
  • I am not getting Push Notifications. Can you help?
    Please turn Push Notifications on in your System Preferences.
  • I cannot log on to the App. Can you help?
    Make sure you have 3G/4G service or connect to Wifi service
  • I lost my password. How do I reset it?
    A link is provided on your sign in page. Please follow the link within the App.
  • These Apps are not quite what I need. Can you customize one for me?
    Yes! We are happy to design the App that suites all your needs. Please contact us at your convenience: Contact
  • I would like to learn more about Csymplicity Software Solutions. How can I contact you?
    Please complete our contact form and we will contact you to discuss all your needs:Contact Or please call us at 484-876-1975
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